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Hello, my name is Dee Miller.

I was lucky enough to be brought up by a woman who loved her camera and taught me the simple joy of recording family life and then living with those pictures. I keep these three photos of my childhood and the beginnings of my son's childhood and my motherhood propped up on my bookshelves. They may have curly edges, washed out colours and fingerprints on them but they are treasured objects which I love to see and I love that my son is learning about his family by pawing at them too!

This is the first picture that I ever took of my mum on a real camera. I remember the feeling of being entrusted with her Pentax with its heavy lens and braided strap. We were having the happiest day by the sea and I remember how delighted I felt to press the shutter and record a moment for myself. I have this picture tucked into my mantlepiece mirror and I see it every day. It reminds me why I love photography and where it all began for me.

I've been a photographer for many years and the thing I love best is taking pictures of people, whether they are going through something extraordinary like welcoming a newborn into their lives or doing something really quite ordinary like going to the park in a little family gang. I'm not after perfection or posing or studio lighting. I love taking pictures of piles of siblings on sofas having a laugh or new parents just having a little, quiet, wondrous stare at the miraculous tiny human they've created. As well as making sure that I capture some lovely natural pictures of a family doing its thing, I love picturing the little specific, momentary details which might otherwise go unrecorded. The pile of lovingly washed and ironed clothes in a nursery before your little one arrives, the little grasping fingers of a newborn locking on to a parent's thumb, a yawn, a giggle, a minor tussle over a toy while people are learning to share or a mussy bedhead after a nap. I am really excited about the thought of running Yarn and meeting new families and recording your stories with you. 

It usually takes me ages to make decisions but the name "Yarn" came really quickly and I knew it was right for me. Yarn means both a long and winding story and a handmade thread. I wanted to call my business something that will remind me what I am setting out to do when I come to visit you. I want to take pictures which tell a story about a moment in your lives. If I am very fortunate, I might work with families on a number of occasions and, over time, we might start to build up a series of pictures of some of the key moments that have threaded through your family life. 

I hope that the process of shooting with me will be happy and fun and that the pictures we make might be treasured for years to come. 

I've popped a few kind words from previous clients across this site but, if you'd like to read longer reviews of Yarn sessions, please have a look here.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to work with me. I'd be delighted to talk through any queries or requirements.


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